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National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corporation

National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corporation was founded in 1995 to market our patented shell side cleaning system. The Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner, or EMBC, is a state-of-the-art system. Circulating cleaner through a closed kidney loop and utilizing high pressure spray bars, the EMBC restores heat exchangers to 98% efficiency. Over the years, we have continually expanded our range of services to include re-tubing and re-manufacturing, ceramic cladding, tube ID cleaning and high-pressure lancing.


In 2000 GE Power Services issued National Heat Exchange an evergreen national sourcing contract. As a preferred supplier, NHE services are used by GE Service Centers across the country. NHE provides cleaning services and scheduled maintenance plans through packages GE Power Services offers their customers.

In 2013, Industrial Tube Cleaning joined National Heat Exchange, bringing over 20 years of experience servicing condensers as well as a full product line of patented cleaners (ExactID Darts). We have the capability to service any size and type of heat exchanger, condenser or cooler – either on-site, or in our Ohio facility.

National Heat Exchange has experienced dynamic growth over the years. Since its inception, NHE has experienced an average growth of 23 percent per year. Today, we service more than 500 power plants across the nation as well as many gas and industrial customers. Servicing the entire continental United States and providing consultations and product globally, National Heat Exchange is truly the one stop shop of the industry, able to handle any heat exchanger need quickly and effectively.

Specializing in heat exchanger maintenance for over 20 years, NHE offers expert service, complete refurbishment, as well as product and replacement parts.

Dedicated to “Green” initiatives, NHE customizes the cleaning procedure for every customer’s equipment to minimize the waste stream while refurbishing units. We pride ourselves in being the first facility to have an EPA licensed in-house waste water and solid waste treatment facility.

Committed to developing technology and innovations, NHE works to provide the best practical solution in refurbishing all types and sizes of heat exchangers.

Meeting every heat exchanger need.


When you want it clean, think… NHE!