About Us

National Heat Exchange was founded in 1995 to market a newly patented technology for cleaning the shell-side of heat exchangers and coolers, restoring their peak efficiency to a level previously unattainable with the traditional approaches, such as high pressure washing or a bubble vat process. This new procedure utilizes a totally enclosed self-contained cleaning unit: Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner or EMBC. The cleaning is accomplished through high volume flow (up to 1,500 gallons per minute) of the properly matched cleaning solution, heated to its proper heating temperature. Spray bars are mounted and matched to the bundle size, allowing full length bundle cleaning as the bundle rotates in the EMBC.

The cleaning solution circulates through a closed Kidney Loop Process where all solids are captured in the EMBC’s filter system. This process flushes particulate, biological films, calcium deposits, and carbon build-up while the cleaning solution is continually being filtered and recycled. Read More