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Epoxy Coating

NHE offers epoxy coating of tube-sheets and water-boxes in order to keep exchangers and condensers at optimal efficiency.

Distinguished by its thick film nature (200mils DFT) and exclusive to NHE, our cladding system offers unparalleled protection. Our high performance, 100% solid epoxy material is inert to chemical cleaning and water treatment programs. This three coat polymer system is cost effective, long-lasting and will:

  • Restore tube to tube-sheet integrity, providing 100% assurance of leak free joints.
  • Allow movement at the tube-sheet’s operational service bending/deflection modes without cracking.
  • Repair and stop wear and tear associated with turbulence and erosion.
  • Resist impact and workman damage that often occurs during the cleaning of condensers, tube plugging, etc.
  • Identify tube leaks faster.
  • Add years of life to heat exchangers and condensers.

Whether on site or at our facility, National Heat Exchange has the products, procedures, and experience to professionally ceramic clad your problem areas and bring them back to optimum levels of performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


  • Tube-sheets
  • Water-boxes/Channel Heads
  • Spacer and End Plates