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Chemical Circulation

Simple, safe, and effective; NHE’s chemical circulation process is assured to match any fouling with the right chemical and equipment for the job.

First, chemicals are matched to the type of fouling and deposit present in the exchanger. The chemical is then heated to its proper cleaning temperature and maintained throughout the cleaning process for optimized cleaning. Whether the job requires small portable equipment that can fit almost anywhere or large equipment capable of moving thousands of gallons a minute NHE has it covered. In some cases, NHE can plumb into your system with no modifications needed at all.

Safety is key at NHE! Our chemicals are safe for your personnel as well as environmentally friendly. Also, we provide simple means to dispose of chemicals and waste.

NHE strives to provide quality service and it is our goal to get your heat exchanger up and running with minimal down time.


  • Tube IDs
  • Water Jackets
  • Piping
  • Shells
  • Fixed Nests