Heat Exchanger Service

National Heat Exchange Services is your one-stop shop for heat exchanger repair, service, maintenance, and cleaning. We have the capability to service any size and type of heat exchanger, condenser, or cooler – either on-site, or in our Ohio facility. Contact us today to request a quote!


Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

We thoroughly clean Plate & Frame heat exchangers with chemical circulation, high pressure wash, and chemical soak. After disassembly and testing, any necessary repairs are made, leaving the unit ready for assembly and a fresh coat of paint. Cleaned and painted units are then hydro-tested and inspected. Our proven techniques return heat exchangers to 98% of original output.


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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 

We are the ONLY company that specializes in shell-side cleaning. Our patented Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner (EMBC) restores heat exchangers to 98% of their new efficiency. The EMBC uses a high volume flow, up to 1500 gallons per minute of actual cleaning agent. Custom matched to fouling and heated to optimal cleaning temperature, the liquid cleaning agent is moderately pressurized and pumped through more than 400 spray jets. The jets, coupled with the constant rotation of the bundle, provide constant contact with the cleaning agent down both sides. This method is the only way to ensure the bundle is clean all the way to the center.


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Before & After comparison of enclosed mobile bundle cleaner performance on heat exchanger

Spiral & Welded-Block Heat Exchanger 

Our heat exchanger cleaning process allows us to completely clean all internal passages, regardless of the flow pattern. After thorough cleaning, our experienced in-house technicians can easily locate any leaks with bubble and/or dye-penetrant testing. With direct access to OEM and non-OEM replacement parts for all types of coolers, any needed repairs can be made efficiently and effectively.


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Why NHE is The One-Stop Shop For Heat Exchanger Needs

We prioritize our customers. We offer full service shops in Ohio, Arizona, and Washington, as well as crews available to dispatch to anywhere in the United States for servicing heat exchangers at your site. Restoring maximum heat transfer efficiency is our business.

  • NHE knows the heat exchanger world, with over 25 years of experience in the business.
  • Our expert team is knowledgeable about each of the services we provide and the industries we serve.
  • NHE has aligned itself with several OEMs as well as aftermarket suppliers across the United States.
  • Our team can assess & complete repairs and services quickly and efficiently, responding within 48 hours.
  • Making the entire process during your temporary outage as stress-free as possible is our ultimate goal.

Industries We Serve

  • Power
  • Chemical Processing & Refineries
  • Data Centers
  • Gas Compression
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Facilities

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