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Lube Oil Coolers

Specializing in shell side cleaning for over twenty years, NHE’s patented system returns lube oil coolers to 92-98% of new efficiency.

Coolers are first placed inside the EMBC, a self-contained cleaning vessel with mounted spray nozzles that completely flush debris clear through to the center of the bundle. In addition, the EMBC’s kidney loop filtration system allows cleaning solution to be continuously filtered and recycled, so only debris-free solution is sprayed onto the cooler. In just a few hours, the lube oil cooler is ready for tube-side cleaning. Our fast and efficient process restores the cooler to maximum efficiency, whether on-site or in our Ohio facility, and each cooler is fully tested to ensure quality.

Save money with reconditioning and/or re-tubing a worn cooler instead of replacement. NHE has direct access to OEM replacement parts and a large inventory to meet any need. Our experienced crew can take on any project, whether complete refurbishment or a single tube replacement.

Lube Oil Cooler Services

  • Cleaning  – shell side and tube side
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Waterbox Repair / Reconditioning
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Tube Plugging
  • Re-tubing / Re-manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Hydro-testing

 Ask about our scheduled maintenance plans!

A scheduled cleaning and testing of each of your heat exchangers will…

  • Lengthen exchanger lifetime
  • Reduce forced outages
  • Save money
  • Lessen stress on the job