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Refinery Bundle Cleaning


NHE’s Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaners (EMBC) are enclosed, self-contained, bundle cleaning machines specifically designed for shell-side cleaning.

  • Single bundles up to 60″ x 33′ long, weighing up to 60,000 lbs. are cleaned in the EMBC.
  • Multiple bundles of smaller sizes are cleaned simultaneously.
  • A 125HP motor drives a 1,200GPM pump, delivering a pressured flow of cleaning solution through more than 400 spray jets.
  • Immersion heaters in the EMBC’s holding tank heat the cleaning solution up to 180°F.
  • The kidney-loop filtration system captures foulant.
  • A hydraulically driven roller system slowly rotates the bundle.


NHE’s bundle cleaning process redefines clean!

The EMBC cleaning process thoroughly removes foulant from the shell-side of the tubes within just a few hours.
  • Cleaning solution matched to customer product stream. (Usually light cycle oil, kerosene or similar)
  • Cleaning solution heated to optimal cleaning temperature and pumped through the spray jets in high volume and at moderate pressure.
  • The kidney-loop filtration system captures foulant as it dissolves off the tubes and returns filtered cleaning solution back to the bundle.
  • Bundle attacked from all angles with the hydraulic roller system.
  • Used cleaning solution returned to the plant for reprocessing, resulting in ZERO liquid waste.
  • Waste solids removed from EMBC by vac truck.
  • Foulant in the tubes softens, allowing easier tube cleaning in most cases.  An added bonus!


  • Unsurpassed cleaning results! The bundle is clean completely to the center!
  • Safety concerns over High Pressure accidents and trip/fall hazards are gone!
  • No adverse environmental effects since NO liquid hits the ground.
  • Highest Possible degree of heat transfer efficiency restored.
  • The EMBC is the most overall cost effective method of cleaning the shell-side of heat exchanger bundles.