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In the Data Center world, reliability is not just a word, it is a way of life.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

A key factor in the preventive maintenance of data centers that some facility managers may overlook is ensuring that their heat exchangers are in optimal condition to remain functional and reliable throughout the year, even in the hottest conditions. Proper preventive care of your heat exchangers and cooling systems can save your company from the monumental costs due to potential outages or failures down the road.

National Heat Exchange has a team that understands that reliability doesn’t just happen –
you have to plan for it!

With our vast resources and expert team, we are able to move efficiently through repairs and services, always focusing on the best solution for achieving optimal performance and reliability.

Knowledge + Planning + Action = Reliability

Avoid the painful costs of having to shut down your data center.

Data centers are reliable because their customers demand it. They expect the data centers to perform well and their digital assets to be protected.

When outages or fires occur, both the client and the data company face big potential losses:

  • Reduced or completely halted productivity
  • Unscheduled facility downtime and outages
  • Damage to data center and facility equipment
  • Customer dissatisfaction & damaged reputation
  • Lawsuits, fines, and recovery costs
  • LOST REVENUE ($$$)


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Data Center Fire Damage

Data center downtime and damage can cost up to $9,000 per minute, and even more for larger scale facilities.
Prevent outages, damage, and data loss.

NHE – The Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Experts

NHE Services is a one-stop shop for all of your Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Needs, with full service shops in Ohio, Arizona, and Washington, as well as crews available to dispatch to anywhere in the United States for servicing heat exchangers at your site. Restoring maximum heat transfer efficiency is our business.

  • NHE knows the plate and frame world, with over 25 years of experience in the business.
  • Our expert team is knowledgeable about each of the services we provide and the industries we serve.
  • NHE has aligned itself with several OEMs as well as aftermarket suppliers across the United States.
  • Our team can assess & complete repairs and services quickly and efficiently, responding within 48 hours.
  • Making the entire process during your temporary outage as stress-free as possible is our ultimate goal.

We give cusomers the attention they deserve.

We give updates through every step of the project.
We answer all calls, emails, and requests.
We respond to service requests within 48 hours.
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Teaming with you to protect your customers’ digital assets.


Plate and frame heat exchangers are mostly used for “free cooling”, an approach to lowering the air temperature in data center buildings or facilities by utilizing naturally cool air or water instead of mechanical refrigeration. Free cooling practices can greatly reduce energy costs, especially for large-scale data centers.

However, when the plate and frame heat exchangers fail prematurely, not only do data centers lose their free cooling, they face a number of potential threats to their equipment and their clients’ data.

National Heat Exchange focuses on helping data centers take more proactive measures by providing routine maintenance to their heat exchangers, eliminating these types of problems before emergencies arise.

Here are some qualifying questions for data facility managers:

  • How long has it been since your heat exchangers have been serviced?
  • Have you ever replaced the gaskets?
  • Have you noticed any pressure drop?
  • Are your heat exchangers used for free cooling?
  • If the heat exchangers fail, how does it affect the rest of your cooling systems?



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