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Chemical Foam Cleaning

NHE’s state of the art, patented chemical foam cleaning system will restore cooling efficiency and reduce downtime.

A heavy, “shaving cream” like foam safely and easily removes organic and inorganic deposits such as oils, calcium, dust, dirt, and other deposits that inhibit heat transfer. This foam is applied into and around the cooler coils and allowed to dissipate. The dissipating foam gently removes deposits from the cooling surfaces. This unique cleaning method minimizes chemical requirements by keeping the chemical in place on the deposit long enough for the active ingredients to penetrate and remove the deposits from the coils.

  • Foam reduces chemical requirements by holding the chemical in the coils
  • Dissipating foam gently removes deposits from the surface of the metal
  • Removes organic and inorganic material


  • Jacket Water/Oil Coolers
  • Evaporators
  • Glycol and Amine Coolers
  • Overhead Coolers
  • Dehydrator Coolers
  • Gas Coolers
  • Compressor Coolers