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Boosting the Bottom Line

National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corporation prides itself on assisting companies in finding ways to lower expenses, reduce wasted energy, and minimize operating costs.

Boosting the bottom line can be as simple as a thorough cleaning of a heat exchanger. Far less costly than repairs, cleaning is usually all that is needed to return the system to optimal efficiency. When fouling occurs, heat transfer goes down. This results in increased fuel costs, wear and tear on pumps and other systems, increased maintenance costs or even forced outages. In other words, a smaller bottom line.

NHE can restore heat exchangers back to 98% of their new efficiency, a level unattainable apart from our patented shell-side cleaning process. With our EMBC machine, we are able to completely clean the shell side, all the way to the center. Carbon deposits will build up and eventually plug whole areas, virtually eliminating heat transfer. A complete shell-side cleaning schedule is a must. In addition, NHE accomplishes superior tube cleaning through experienced personnel; whether the need is rotary brushing, shooting scrapers or HP lancing (up to 40k), NHE has it covered.

If there are severe water problems that result in ongoing fouling, we have a solution. We can chemically circulate individual systems between major cleanings to keep you running cool in those hot summer months. When leaking tubes are encountered we offer three methods of tube plugging, all the way up to JNT Torq N’ Seal system. We can also add extra years of service to worn heat exchangers with complete re-tubing and ceramic cladding of water boxes and tube sheets.

No matter the issue, we will have the solution to help you save money and Boost Your Bottom Line.