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We at National Heat Exchange offer a full line of services to keep your heat exchangers and condensers in optimum condition. One such service is the Epoxy Coating of tubesheets and waterboxes. Epoxy Coating can add years of life to heat exchangers and condensers that otherwise would need retubed or replaced.

We use the NHESS Cladding System. The NHECC system for tubesheets and waterboxes is distinguished by it's thick film nature, (200 mils DFT), of high performance, 100% solids epoxy materials that offer unparalleled protection. The proper application of this system on main surface condenser and heat exchanger tubesheets and waterboxes, waterbox/channel heads,etc. offers the following advantages:

  • Restores tube to tubesheet integrity, providing 100% assurance of leak free joints.
  • Resilient flexing-allowing movement at the tubesheets operational service bending/deflection modes without cracking.
  • Repairs and stops wear and tear associated with turbulence and erosion, often present on tubesheet and waterbox surfaces.
  • Resistant to impact and workman damage that often occurs during the cleaning of condensers, tube plugging, etc.
  • It is inert to chemical cleaning and water treatment programs.
  • Assists in successfully identifying tube leaks faster once the tube to tubesheet leaks are eliminated.
  • Adds years of life to heat exchangers and condensers.

Whether on site or at our facility, National Heat Exchange has the products, procedures, and experience to professionally ceramic clad your problem areas and bring them back to optimum levels of performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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NHE's Mission

Restoring heat transfer is our business.
Quality service is our product.
Excellence is our minimum standard.
Making our part of your outage worry free is our way of life.