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Abrasive Sponge Balls

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Abrasive Sponge Balls

Available sizes:Sponge Balls

  • 1/2″-2″∅ (12.7mm – 50.8mm ∅)
  • Custom sizes available

Propulsion Method:

  • Air/Water gun at 90PSI
  • Use with booster pump for heavier deposits

Unique Features:

  • Various densities and sizes available
  • Corborundum coating


  • Removes soft deposits such as mud and slime, bio-fouling, and smaller obstructions
  • Great for sleeved and heavily epoxied tubes


  • Various ball densities and sizes available to match application and fouling
  • Cleans virtually any size tubing
  • Abrasive coating adds additional tube polishing value